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Daughter, Mother, Captain: Marine Le Pen, Gender, and Populism in the French National Front

NASP International and Interdisciplinary Seminars
12 October 2018, h. 14.30

Speaker: Dorit Geva  (Central European University)

Room A
Via Pace 10, Milan

This paper analyzes members of the French National Front, and their leader Marine Le Pen, to understand how gendered symbolism and performances structure populism. Populist stylistic repertoires are structured by hegemonic masculinity and femininity, and tie populism to radical-right ideologies. Analysis of Marine Le Pen and her followers clarifies the relationship between populism, gendered symbolism, and the radical right; points to how populism is a performance of hegemonic masculinity which women leaders can enact if combined with performances of hegemonic femininity; and points to limitations imposed by such gendered repertoires.

26 settembre 2018
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