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Reshaping welfare regimes in Latin America. Transformations in family policy and inequality in the Southern Cone

SPS Seminar
27 February 2019, h. 12.00

Speaker: Camila Arza (Consejo Nacional De Investigaciones Científicas Y Técnicas -CONICET)
Chair: Matteo Jessoula (Università degli Studi di Milano)

SPS Seminar Room  (Room 215, II floor, Passione side)
Dipartimento di Scienze sociali e politiche
Via Conservatorio 7, Milano

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Over the past one and a half decade social policy expanded in Latin America in a context of economic growth and more progressive governments. Public expenditures grew and the coverage of social security and social assistance reached a broader population. This seminar focuses on three Southern Cone countries (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay), which have the most extensive social protection systems in the region, and have recently developed important policies to support families with children. Argentina and Uruguay implemented mixed systems of child allowances that cover a large share of children, Chile expanded access to early child education and care, Uruguay implemented a wide-ranging national care program; and both Uruguay and Chile reformed child-related leaves towards more generous arrangements. At the same time, these policies were implemented in a context of (1) structural inequalities in the distribution of both income and access to quality (formal) work and social security; (2) a variable and stratified incorporation of women in the labour market, which coexists with persistent inequalities in the gender distribution of paid work and care; and (3) a rapid process of population aging. How have the new social policies for families contributed to reconfigure welfare regimes (and the roles of states, markets and families) in this context? The seminar will discuss these policy developments and reflect on their implications for social stratification and gender inequality in the Latin American context.

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14 febbraio 2019
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