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The Integration of Second Generation in Europe: Myths, Facts and Fear

NASP International and Interdisciplinary Seminars
24 November 2017, h. 14.30

Speaker: Frank van Tubergen(Utrecht University)
Room A
Via Pace 10, Milan

International migration from the 1960s onwards has resulted in ethnic diversification across Europe. Much research has been done on integration processes of the foreign-born population, such as studies on language acquisition and labour market incorporation. Less is known, however, about the children of immigrants –the so-called 'second generation'. This young group is becoming more and more important demographically, and at the same time, there is increasing concern among politicians and the public about their supposed failed integration in society. The evidence for this concern seems clear: increasing religious fundamentalism, rising radicalisation, and terrorist attacks all across Europe. In this lecture, I will introduce a large-scale comparative research project (CILS4EU), to shed more scientific light on the integration of the second generation in Europe. My talk will review findings from recent and ongoing work on prejudice, religion, and offline and online social networks.

30 ottobre 2017
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