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The World of Big Data: How Computer Science is Encroaching upon the Territory of the Humanities and the Social Sciences - POSTPONED to Monday 11 June

POSTPONED to Monday 11 June 2018, h. 12.00

SPS Seminar

Speaker: Roberto Franzosi (Emory University)

SPS Seminar Room  (Room 215, II floor, via Passione side)
Dipartimento di Scienze sociali e politiche
Via Conservatorio 7, Milano

Recent advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) are making available, at an ever-increasing pace, tools of automatic approaches to text analysis of great benefit to both humanists and social scientists. The talk illustrates some of these tools, from topic modeling, to sentiment analysis, sentence complexity and text readability, word relations, automatic extraction of Subject-Verb-Object triplets. The talk further illustrates various visualization options (e.g., sentence length by sentence index, network graphs of word relations, the “shape” of stories). With their newly developed computational tools, little by little, computer scientists are encroaching upon the territory of the historian, the linguist, the literary critic, the geographer, the social scientist... Territorial defense aside, the good news for us social scientists is that computer scientists are finally putting us out of our misery of hand coding in manual, CAQDAS like approaches to texts (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software, such as Atlas.ti, NVivo, MaxQda).


29 maggio 2018
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