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What is owed to refugees?

NASP/Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy
Seminar series

Speaker: David Owen (University of  Southampton)

10 April March 2019, h. 10.15

SPS Seminar Room (Passione - 2nd Floor)
Department of Social and Political Sciences - University of Milan
Via Conservatorio, 7—Milan

The Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy integrates the rich variety of political philosophy events at NASP and the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan. In this new series of colloquia, faculty and graduate students meet to discuss work in progress by senior and young scholars.Central to this workshop is the emphasis on constructive discussion. For this reason, speakers will introduce briefly their papers and most of the seminar will be devoted to a Q&A session.

Papers will circulate one week prior to each session. To know more about the Brown Bag Seminars, please, write to Corrado Fumagalli corrado.fumagalli@unmi.it and Gianluca Pozzoni gianluca.pozzoni@unimi.it

27 marzo 2019
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