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Agent-Based Modelling for Social Scientists

BEHAVE Summer School 2019
2-11 September 2019
Collegio Lucchini
via Vallotti 3C, Brescia, Italy

Jointly organised by Behave Lab, GECS–Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology (University of Brescia), and the ESLS PhD Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies (University of Milan), this school aims to train students on NetLogo, the most popular platform to build Agent-Based Models (ABM), by using modelling examples from social science research.
Students will be provided with the theoretical background on the use of ABM in social science research and will learn how to develop an ABM from scratch. The examples will be on social impact theory, culture dynamics and social network effects on individual beliefs.

For further information http://behavelab.org/behave-summer-school/

02 agosto 2019
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