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Ambivalent and Consistent Relationships: The Role of Personal Networks in Cases of Domestic Violence

SPS Seminar / Dialogues
Starting from the international special iusse of “Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa“ edited by Lidia K. Manzo, A personal network approach to ethnography. Theoretical implications and methodological challenges
24 November 2021, h. 14.30 
SPS Seminar Room (Room 215, II floor, Passione side)

Speaker: Elisa Bellotti Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester
Introduction: Enzo Colombo and Lidia Katia Manzo University of Milan
Discussants: Federico Bianchi and Flaminio Squazzoni University of Milan

We discuss social networks as a source of social support by proposing the concepts of relational ambivalence and consistency. We analyse the qualitative accounts of 19 female victims of domestic violence in Sweden, who described the responses of their personal networks during and after the abuse. We observe how the relationships were defined in ambivalent and consistent terms, and we use multilevel regression analysis to model the factors that play a role in making a tie ambivalent or consistent.

The seminar will be held in-person and online via MS Teams.
Please contact lidia.manzo@unimi.it to receive the MS Teams link

Abstract and bio

15 novembre 2021
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