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Government alternation and proximity voting: how policy change opportunities shape electoral behaviour

SPS Seminar / Just published
9 December 2021, h. 10.30 
SPS Seminar Room (Room 215, II floor, Passione side)

Speaker: Francesco Zucchini  University of Milan
Discussants: Fabio Franchino and Fedra Negri University of Milan

A landmark finding in recent research on electoral behaviour is that voters anticipate the postelection bargaining process among potential members of the governing coalition, and that these anticipated policy agreements inform their vote choice. In this article Carolina Plescia and Francesco Zucchini argue (and test) that when the expected policy change after the elections is marginal or non-existent, ceteris paribus, ‘simple’ proximity voting should prevail.

Read the full article https://bit.ly/3l4sn0j

The seminar will be held in-person and online via MS Teams.
Please contact francesco.zucchini@unimi.it to receive the MS Teams link

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23 novembre 2021
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