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Machine Habitus: Toward a Sociology of Algorithms

SPS Seminar / Just published
16 June 2022, h. 14.30 - 16.30
SPS Seminar Room
and on MS TEAMS

Starting from, "Machine Habitus: Toward a Sociology of Algorithms", Airoldi, M. (2021). Polity

Massimo Airoldi  University of Milan

Chair: Mauro Barisione  University of Milan

Discussants : Francesca Comunello  Sapienza University of Rome and Alessandro Gandini University of Milan

"Machine Habitus" develops a Bourdieusian theory of machine learning systems as socialized agents, contributing to the techno-social reproduction of inequalities. Building on a multidisciplinary literature, the book discusses how research on algorithmic bias would benefit from a sociological perspective aimed to unpack the recursive mechanisms linking the culture in the code – i.e., the social shaping of machine learning – and the code in the culture – i.e., the algorithmic shaping of society.

This seminar is organized in collaboration with the ALGOCOUNT project and supported by Fondazione Cariplo

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26 maggio 2022
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