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Mass euroscepticism revisited: The role of distributive justice

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
4 May 2022, h. 14.30 
DEMM Seminar Room
and on MS TEAMS

Sharon Baute  University of Konstanz

Chair: Alessandra Pellegata  University of Milan
Discussants: Giulia Bistagnino and Nicola Maggini  University of Milan

This article advances research on mass Euroscepticism by investigating the role of distributive justice. Drawing on cross-national survey data in 23 countries, the study shows that how citizens evaluate the distribution of scarce resources in the society affects the social legitimacy of the EU and that this association varies across EU member  states based on the level of corruption. Findings suggest that distributive justice interacts with procedural justice in shaping anti-EU sentiments.

The seminar will be held in-person and online via MS Teams.

This seminar is funded by the European Union under project SOLID (ERC Synergy Grant 810356)

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21 aprile 2022
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