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Political Deference

NASP/Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy
4 May 2023, h. 11.00
ID riunione: 880 5340 0875
Passcode: QY3uWL

Speaker: Fabienne Peter (University of Warwick)
Chair: Davide Saracino (NASP - University of Milan)

For any information, please contact Giulia Bistagnino (giulia.bistagnino@unimi.it ) or Linda Priano (linda.priano@unimi.it)

In cooperation with Political Philosophy Seminar 2023 

Political deference is deference to the political judgment of others. The standard view in political philosophy is that citizens are not required to defer to the political judgment of others, even if they might be required to epistemically defer to others on certain empirical matters in forming their own political judgments. Against this standard view, I argue that there are epistemic circumstances in which citizens (as well as political leaders) are required to politically defer to others. I provide an account of the epistemic circumstances in which political deference is required, both rationally and morally. I also answer objections that aim to show that even if political deference is rationally required, it is problematic for some moral or political reasons.

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26 aprile 2023
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