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The strains of Brexit

SPS Seminar / Just published
13 January 2022, h. 14.30 
SPS Seminar Room (Room 215, II floor, Passione side)

Starting from "Il Regno Unito alla prova della Brexit" edited by G. Baldini, E. Bressanelli, E. Massetti, il Mulino

Gianfranco Baldini, University of Bologna
Edoardo Bressanelli, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa
Emanuele Massetti, University of Trento

Chair: Fedra Negri, University of Milan
Discussant: Marco Giuliani, University of Milan

Brexit represents a key moment for British politics. Since the 2016 referendum, there have been two snap elections, three Prime Ministers, the biggest ever defeat for the Government in the Commons, high levels of electoral volatility, and extraordinary territorial tensions. Adapting Arendt Lijphart’s framework on the models
of democracy, the research investigates how the process of Brexit impacts on the UK’s political and institutional set-up.

The seminar will be held in-person and online via MS Teams.
Please contact marco.giuliani@unimi.it to receive the MS Teams link

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21 dicembre 2021
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