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The Triangle of Leadership: Authenticity, Competence and Ordinariness in Contemporary Societies

SPS Seminar / Just published
27 April 2022, h. 11.30 
Room A
, Nasp Graduate school, Via pace 10 Milan
and on MS TEAMS 

Dieco ceccobelli  University of Milan

Chair: Sergio Splendore  University of Milan
Discussant: Fred Paxton  University of Milan


By reflecting on the interactions among three components –the perception of authenticity, ordinariness and competence– and adopting a holistic approach, this article presents and offers an innovative conceptual framework and a heuristic tool to understand and graphically represent what drives the popularity and success of contemporary political (and non-political) leaders and to co-explain the reasons for their success (or failure). We name this tool the "triangle of leadership".

The seminar will be held in-person and online via MS Teams.

21 aprile 2022
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