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Understanding the Complexity of Reputation Change

SPS Seminar / Frontiers
18 May 2023, h. 14.30 
SPS Seminar room
(Passione side -2nd floor, room 215)
and on ZOOM
Department of Social and Political Sciences
Via Conservatorio, 7 - Milan

Speaker: Francesca Giardini (University of Groningen)

Chair: Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan)
Discussants: Esteban Muñoz (University of Milan) and Aron Szekely (Collegio Carlo Alberto and LABSS-CNR)

Many of society’s biggest challenges are social dilemmas in which individual interests are at odds with collective welfare. Reputation is a possible decentralized, costless solution. However, when considering the complexity of human sociality, the potency of reputations is diminished. The purpose of this talk is to delineate the inadequacies of extant theories of reputation-based cooperation and elucidate how they can be improved thanks to Goal Framing Theory and social networks.

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11 maggio 2023
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