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Migrations and asylum policies after the pandemic: an international dialogue

Public Event / Annual Conferece Project MAGYC (Migration Governance and Asylum Crises)
13 December 2021, h 17.30-19.00
Sala Lauree
Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences
Via Conservatorio 7, Milan

François Gemenne (Hugo Observatory, University of Liège)
Meltem Müftüler-Baç(Sabanci University, Instabul)
Maurizio Ambrosini(University of Milan)

Chair: Marilisa D'Amico (Vice Dean of the University of Milan) 

The pandemic has, among other consequences, produced the hardening of border policies and further restrictions on the mobility to asylum seekers and other migrants coming from the global South. The end of this period characterised by repeated lockdowns across and within national and international spaces will require a new vision of mobility and migration. Increasing shortages of workforce in several countries and sectors are generating a debate over new admission criteria on migrant workers. The two global compacts of migration and asylum, in turn, have tried to design a possible framework for safe and sustainable migration policies. The seminar will debate these issues confronting perspectives from different countries in Northern Europe and Southern Europe and in Turkey.

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01 dicembre 2021
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