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4EU+ Alliance  

The Department of Political and Social Sciences participates in 4EU+ Alliance: "Six universities for the European education of the future".

The University of Milan is a partner of the 4EU+ Alliance together with the Sorbonne University in Paris, Charles University in Prague, and the Universities of Copenhagen, Heidelberg and Warsaw, which signed a Memorandum of understanding and a common Declaration of intent in January 2019.

The 4EU+ Alliance brings together the best research-oriented universities in Europe, with a strong national and international reputation, across a vast geographical area spanning from the Mediterranean to the Baltic.

Drawing on its sound global vision and shared European values, in June 2019 the 4EU+ Alliance won the Erasmus+ pilot call "European Universities", launched by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture to promote European university networks and create a European Education Area by 2025.

The Project 4EU+ began with a view to create an integrated university system, centred on quality and innovation in teaching and research. The project was supported by 4EU+ partners and other governmental and non-governmental institutions which share a strong focus on four key themes, the Flagships of the project:

1. Health - health and demographic change in an urban environment
2. Europe - Europe in a changing world: social, economic, cultural and language dynamics
3. Information science - the development of computational and information sciences and the transformation of science and society
4. Sustainable development - biodiversity, sustainability and sustainable development.

The project aims to create joint educational paths and enhance mobility through exchanges involving the entire academic community.

The wide range of proposed educational paths – from summer and winter schools, workshops, seminars, individual courses and modules, through to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD common programmes – make 4EU+ an extraordinary and ambitious project, which is widely represented in our Strategic Plan for 2020-2022.

For more information/Per saperne di più: https://4eualliance.eu/4EU-1.html

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