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The Structure of Limitarianism

NASP/Brown Bag Seminars of Political Philosophy
8 February 2022, h. 11.30

Speaker: Ingrid Robeyns (Utrecht University)
Discussant: Elena Icardi (NASP - University of Milan)

Limitarianism is the view that one should not have too much of a valuable and scarce thing, and that there are various reasons to support this claim.  After the initial statement I offered on limitarianism (Robeyns 2017), more papers have been published that contribute to the research agenda on limitarianism. Some of these papers have prompted me to revisit some conceptual work I advanced in the initial paper; in addition, some conceptual questions have so far remained unaddressed. In this paper, I aim to offer a comprehensive account of the structure of limitarianism: what are the different conceptual parts, and the various possibilities, when developing a limitarian theory.

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26 gennaio 2022
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